We are thrilled to release our 2022 Annual Report, which details our highest attendance EVER!

Available online here, our annual report detailed that last year, we welcomed 172,210 unique visitors to our virtual museum – our highest attendance ever – and welcomed 187 new community members (those who follow us across all social media and virtual communication channels). Even after two years of the world being virtual, it is astounding to think our attendance continues to rise. Is the world finally realizing the power and potential of girls? We hope so!

Due to international privacy laws, we are unable to track how much of our audience is under the age of 18. So we cannot assess our impact at the level we consider most important (youth). However, of those we can track, we know that our museum visitors are largely female (60%) and

From these demographics, we know that we are reaching a largely young, female audience – exactly who our content is produced by and for. Additionally, new training on our analytics platform allowed us to determine our Top 10 Countries Visiting Girl Museum and our most popular pages and blogs for the year, something we have never been able to do. These are exciting statistics to dive into, and we were thrilled to see audiences from not only the known suspects of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but also from India, the Philippines, and South Africa.

While we would love data on how our museum is attended by, and effecting, children, we fully understand and respect the rights of children and the need to keep their information safe in the online environment.

We are also happy to report that in 2022, we produced three new virtual exhibitions and six new podcasts (electing to take half a year off for some much needed rest and evaluation). One of these – Little Witches – was our most popular page of the year, followed closely by the Sitting Still exhibition. Other popular pages and blogs included individual profiles of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo and Sophie Cruz, as well as in-depth looks at Cleopatra’s childhood and the feminist aspects of Moana. We are also thrilled to report that Sites of Girlhood has reached a total of 59 entries and counties with a team of 2-4 interns per semester who are verifying, researching, and writing about the sites on our existing map.

Finally, no annual report would be complete without a huge THANK YOU to our supporters who helped keep our lights on for another year:

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