While I personally don’t tend to make resolutions for the new year, the nature of the calendar turning over and holidays putting a pause on things does lend itself to a sense of affirmation, reinvention, and–if you don’t have a toddler for 2 straight weeks–reinvigoration.

Unless the past two years happen to have been consumed by a global pandemic. As Ashley touched on, the past couple of years have been hard. Not just on Girl Museum, but the women and girls who are Girl Museum. They’ve been hard on you, as well. These are unprecedented times; though similar to polio and the 1918 influenza epidemic, technology, media, politics, and travel have made COVID-19 unlike anything prior.

Between COVID-19 and the massive life events many of us at Girl Museum are facing in the next year, we’ll be doing some scaling back. Much of it hopefully won’t be noticable to you. Some will. One of those that will be more visible is a scaling back of blog posts, and a slight refocusing of topics on the blog. For those of you who answered our short newsletter survey a while back, thank you for your input. We are definitely taking those suggestions on board.

If you have any suggestions for future blog content (regardless of whether or not you answered the survey), please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your ideas!

I hope we all find a sense of inner calm in 2022, and that our collective calm can ripple out into our communities and across the world.

-Katie Weidmann
Girl Museum Inc.

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