Why I Game: Meeghan

The Nancy Drew games are also very empowering. I’m sure most people have at least heard of Nancy Drew: the teen detective who has been solving thrilling mysteries for close to a century. The games allow you to step into her shoes, as you play as Nancy herself.

Why I Game: Sian Mariel Legaspi

Junior Girl Sian Mariel Legaspi shares her gaming experiences with Game Boy Color, and what impact gaming has had on her life.

Game Review: Animal Crossing

Junior Girl Kat Kavaliova reviews the popular Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing, which she argues is even more needed during the pandemic.

Giggling with the Lovely Ladies of the Round Table

  I had the awesome privilege of joining the lovely Ladies of the Roundtable for #LORTLive to talk all things girls & gaming. It was an honor to meet them and find our shared passions, as gaming so often does for so many people. Did you miss the livestream?...

Why I Game: Emily Lawry

I was relatively old before I started gaming, mainly because my mother had decided there was something vaguely unhealthy about it. My sister and I were more wooden abacus and jigsaw children. However I can’t remember a time as a girl when I didn’t deeply...

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