Why I Game: Caroline Alt

Junior Girl Caroline Alt talks about how the Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing has helped her through the pandemic.

Why I Game: Sian Mariel Legaspi

Junior Girl Sian Mariel Legaspi shares her gaming experiences with Game Boy Color, and what impact gaming has had on her life.

Why I Game: Karolina Saxerbo Sjoberg

Junior Girl Karolina Saxerbo Sjoberg writes about Scrabble, the role that games play in her life, and how she uses them to make healthier choices.

Why I Game: Julianna Morris

Junior Girl Julianna Morris writes about her gaming experience, gaming in the time of COVID, and her new favorite game, Animal Crossing.

Why I Game: Charlotte Jordan

Junior Girl Charlotte Jordan talks about her love of gaming, how she was introduced to gaming and her experiences with D&D.

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