Heather, cosplaying as an assassin from Assassin’s Creed.


Heather, cosplaying as Treasure Goblin.

I game because I am a writer, and video games tell some of the most complex and surprising stories I have ever encountered.

I game because I love the idea of living a thousand lives, not just one.  In games, I can be anyone- a bad ass Saiyan warrior, a superhuman psychic, a Blood Elf magister. Geralt of Rivia. Red from Transistor. The Dragonborn. A Vault Dweller. Anything!!

I game because games are inspiring, and I have learned a lot about myself — and others — though games.

I game because I have a whole online family that I can share my passion about games with.

I game because its fun.

I game because I love the challenge of figuring out a new game, finding a different strategy to beat a boss, and bringing that “outside the box thinking” into everyday life.

I game because I love it. I love the community and I love being able to just dive in and not look back for a couple of hours.

I game for the love of the game and the gamers who play them. They are my inspiration, my friends. I can imagine my life without games and the people I’ve met through them.

-Heather (gamertag: Inquisitor Aura)
United States

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