01-07: Catherine Howard

Was Catherine a willing or unwilling participant in her affairs? The evidence points to somewhat willing – though whether a thirteen year old girl, under wardship and surrounded by young men, could truly be willing is up for debate.

Call for Contributions: I am a Girl

We are seeking contributions to our I am a Girl exhibit, which will premiere in 2021. This exhibit explores the historical and contemporary definitions of girlhood, and hopes to provide the world with a more inclusive perspective on what it means to identify as a “girl” today.

01-06: Anne Frank House

Today’s site is about one of the most famous girls in recent history – Anne Frank, and the house she lived in during World War II. Today, the Secret Annex is part of the Anne Frank House museum, which opened in 1960 as a place to discover Anne’s story and discuss the dangers of discrimination, racism, and hatred of Jews.

Be on Our Podcast! Here’s how.

I know what kind of world I want post COVID-19, but do you? Visit our Podcast page on Anchor, and click the ‘Message’ button to leave a voicemail telling us how you would like to see the world change for the better: https://anchor.fm/girlspeak

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