TV Recap: Bob’s Burgers – The Land Ship

Image from Fox Bob’s Burgers is an animated show that follows the lives of the Belcher family. Bob runs a burger restaurant with the help of his wife Linda and children Tina, Gene and Louise. There are also a whole host of side characters that you will fall...

TV Review: Get Even

Junior Girl Josie Evans reviews the 2020 BBC teen drama, Get Even, and discusses themes throughout the show.

TV Review: The X-Files

Junior Girl Emily Rawle reviews The X-Files and discusses main character Dana Scully’s character arc throughout the 11-season arc.

Girls with Glasses: Daria

Junior Girl Eliz Bilal writes about the cult classic TV show, Daria, and its strong, unique protagonist, Daria Morgendorffer.

TV Review: Little Women

Junior Girl Mengshu Ye reviews the 2017 BBC adaptation of the classic novel, Little Women.

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