Queerness and Girlhood

There is something queer about being a little girl. Certainly there is much expected of girlhood, but one of its most interesting spaces is that of secrecy, of what it looks like for girls to share space without needing to perform. As we break down understandings of...

Little Witches

What makes a girl a witch? How did girls go from victim to perpetrator? Join us to explore girls’ lives as they became little witches

I am a Girl

I am a Girl is a collaborative, community project looking at how scholars and the general public define and identify as “girls”. We will provide reflections on ten years of working with girlhood, explore definitions of “girl” historically, discuss gender identity today and how “girl” can mean many things, and then invite the public to submit – in the form of blog posts – their stories on why they identify as “girl.” The project aims to showcase the varied definitions of girlhood and the fluidity of gender identity today, advocating for greater inclusion in the term “girl” while also providing space for scholarly and community discussion on gender identity.

Girl Activists

Girl activists have taken center stage in media and culture. From all corners of the world, girls are standing up for their rights, the rights of others, and the rights of planet Earth. These girls – all under the age of 21 – are leading the way in issues...

Young Suffrage

“If women fought so hard to vote…did their daughters fight, too?” This question resonated in our minds as we approached the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment in the United States, as well as many other suffrage anniversaries. It seems that...

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