Memories of Girlhood

Memories of Girlhood is a blog-based collaborative project that invites our community to share diary-like blogs detailing a memory from their girlhood.

Girl Authors

Girl Authors explores the literary depth and creativity of girls throughout history. We also explore the issues surrounding girl authors – from determining their ages to ensuring their works are preserved for future generations.

Little Witches

What makes a girl a witch? How did girls go from victim to perpetrator? Join us to explore girls’ lives as they became little witches

Heroines Quilt VII

Heroines Quilt VII This quilt is in honor of girls and their heroines everywhere. Every even year, we celebrate Women’s History Month by inviting submissions of girlhood heroines for our 31 Heroines of March project. Each day, a new heroine is featured on...

Sitting Still

Sitting Still is the first in a three-part exhibition series exploring representations of girls in fine art. Focusing on painted portraits of girls, it showcases an impressive array of portraits that reflect upon the personal stories, experiences, and history of this group of girls and young women.

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