We have four unique exhibition series that explore different aspects of girlhood and girl culture utilizing images, audio, and video.

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DefiningOurTermsThumbDefining Our Terms

Girl Museum’s first exhibition explains what we are about, our point of view, and what topics we will explore further in the future via our four exhibition streams: Girlhood in Art, Art of Girlhood, Girls in the World, and GirlSpeak. It is a company manifesto of sorts.

Girlhood in Art

This series examines girlhood represented in Fine Art throughout history, featuring painting, sculpture, drawings, and other forms of visual art.  Upcoming exhibitions include Divine: Girls and Religion, and From Dark to Light: Medieval & Renaissance Girls.

Ancient Girls

52 Objects

Gazed and Confused 1

Girl Saints



Test Your Knowledge

Want to see how much you've learned from our Girlhood in Art exhibitions? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Art of Girlhood

This series investigates the intangible, ephemeral, and material culture of girlhood, like songs, games, clothes, toys, etc., using photographs, audio, and video.  Upcoming exhibitions include Girl Ceremonies and More than Pretty: Girls and Body Decoration.

Warrior Princess

Madchen des Kindertransport


SurferGirl button



Girls in the World

This series focuses on contemporary social issues and their origins via photographs, audio, and video. We primarily work with other nonprofit organizations for their expertise with these various topics.  Upcoming exhibitions include Consuming: Girls and Food.

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This is our interactive series based on community participation. These exhibitions consist of collaborations, submitted artworks on a particular theme, family history projects, and the Junior Girl Curator Series.  Upcoming exhibitions include Girl Groups.

Alternative Girls

Heroines Quilt 2016: Girls of WWI 110x110 logo

Girl Child in India button

Heroines Quilt 2014



Becoming Girl

Please note that "Girl Child of India" is currently under construction as we work to bring you new, updated content about the history & everyday lives of girls in India.  If you are interested in contributing to this exhibition, or any of our current and upcoming exhibits, please email our Program Director, Tiffany.


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