Encyclopedia of Girls

Biographies from the Past and Present

The Encyclopedia of Girls provides biographies of historical and contemporary girls from all cultures. Our scope begins with the very first homo sapiens and extends to the present, as a constantly evolving resource for anyone to utilize. We believe that knowledge is power – and knowing about real girls in the past and present is key to inspiring future generations of changemakers, peacemakers, and scholars.

Our encyclopedia is constantly evolving, with our current focus on documenting all the girls listed in the Sites of Girlhood project. 

If you have an entry to contribute, or have recommendations for additions to an existing entry, please email share@girlmuseum.org

Ada Lovelace

Augusta Ada Byron, otherwise known as Ada Lovelace, was destined for greatness. One hundred years before Alan Turing and long before the 1960’s black NASA computer scientists, Ada was the first to write a computer program. Born on the 10th of December, 1815, Ada was...

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Amber Atherton

Our story begins in Hong Kong where Amber was born in 1991, before returning to the United Kingdom. During her school years, she became involved with coding at the age of 9; a skill that would later serve her well.  She also got an early start on practicing her...

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Anne Frank

Born in Germany in 1929, Anne Frank’s family was Jewish. Her first decade witnessed the rise of the Nazi party, which grew to power by blaming Jews (and others) for Germany’s post-World War I problems. High unemployment and poverty were severe, making Adolf Hitler’s...

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Arait Saha

Born on September 24, 1940, Arati began her life in Bengal, in what was then British India. Her family was middle class Bengali Hindu, and Arati had one older brother and one younger sister. At the age of 2, she lost her mother. With her father enlisted in the armed...

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Caroline Norton

Born in London on 22nd March 1808, Caroline sheridan Norton was part of an influential and grand but poor family, the Sheridans. One of three sisters, they were enticing to those around them. All the siblings were considered beautiful and intelligent, with a tendency...

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Catherine Howard

Born sometime between 1518 and 1525, Catherine was the younger child of Edmund Howard and Jocasta Culpeper. She was niece of the third Duke of Norfolk, and cousin to Anne Boleyn. Her connections meant she was of fairly noble birth. Catherine grew up at Chesworth...

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Cynthia Parker

Oldest child to Silas and Lucinda Parker, Cynthia was born in Illinois sometime around 1825. By 1833, her family had uprooted and moved to Texas as her father became enlisted in the military there. The Parkers were awarded a settlement that abutted Comanche territory....

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Dorothy Lawrence

In 1915 an English journalist, Dorothy Lawrence (1896-1964) was biking through France. She cycled to Creil, a French base camp, to report on World War I (1914-1918). Dorothy went to France to “see what an ordinary English girl without credentials or money, can...

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Egtved Girl

Egtved Girl (13??-1370 B.C.E.) is the name given to the remains of a young woman found in Egtved, Denmark. The Egtved Girl lived in the Bronze Age (1700-500 B.C.E.), when people first built weapons and jewelry out of bronze instead of stone. Based off of the time of...

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Eulalia Guzmán Barrón

Eulalia Guzmán Barrón was born on 12th February 1890 in San Pedro Piedra Gorda, Mexico but moved to Mexico City with her family when she was 8 years old. From an early age, Guzmán was aware of gender inequality and was determined to challenge the idea that women were...

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